What is Imago Therapy?

Imago Relationship Therapy is a form of couples counselling and is sometimes called marriage guidance.

An Imago Therapist aims to help you and your partner to be the safest version of yourselves, in the sessions and outside.  From a place of safety, it is much easier to reconnect; developing intimacy and love, whilst also addressing difficult issues.

We build safety by committing to the development of a ZERO-NEGATIVE environment. This does not mean that you agree to be silenced; the process requires honesty.  It does mean, that you agree not to blame, shame, or criticize each other and that neither of you uses material from the sessions, against each other.

The main vehicle of Imago Relationship Therapy is the Dialogue Process. Dialoguing can feel difficult at first. Often listening can mean waiting for a pause to give our response, but dialoguing means listening to show your partner that you have heard them. When you speak during dialoguing, you share what is important to you in a way that your partner can hear, safely, and in brief sentences.

Often couples arrive, ready to tell me their point of view, which fits the traditional model of relationship therapy. However, Imago Relationship Therapy is all about you and your partner understanding each other's perspective, and I will get you dialoguing from day one.

If your marriage needs some help, there is hope, get in touch.

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